Suite from Deliver US The Moon In 2019, Deliver US Mars is announced on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series. Edited by Frontier Foundry and developed by KEOKEN Interactive, however, the space adventure game does not yet have a programmed exit.

The story takes place ten years after the Fortuna de Deliver US The Moon mission. Humanity has never been close to its extinction, with land resources being almost entirely exhausted. When a mysterious distress call from Mars makes its appearance, a new rescue mission is incumbent upon you. You are waiting for you that you board the zephyr to find the arches, stolen by the Outward organization. Your goal, ensure the survival of the human race and discover the real outward motivations.

After exploring the moon in the first episode, you have gone to the discovery of the red planet this time. You will not be alone for this adventure since you will find the little companion drone already present in Deliver US The Moon.

Even if it is technically a sequel and the players of the first opus should appreciate the links between the games, Deliver US Mars is an adventure that is self-sufficient. No need to have played the first game of the series to soak up the universe. New gameplay mechanics should emerge in this suite, including a new climbing system that is supposed to promote the exploration of March.

Deliver Us Mars | Reveal Trailer [PEGI]


Characteristics of Deliver US Mars