Now that Amazon has now officially taken over Filmstudio MGM , the rights for brands like James Bond now belong to the shipping giant. According to a report by Variety, the first projects are already in production. While the search runs active after the next 007 actor, you want to enter new territory in the bond world with a Reality Show at Prime Video.

Participants fight for prize money in millions


Officially, there were already appropriate plans for a reality show – green light was only now before taking over. 007’s Road to A Million is said to name the format and send candidates around the world. Several famous locations The films are visited here. The task of the teams is to cope with different challenges of these locations. The winners of the show receive a million British pounds at the end **.

When does the Bond Reality Show start at Prime Video?

Details about the start of 007’s Road to A million is not available yet. However, the production 72 films from Great Britain would like to start this year with the shoot. In total eight consequences are planned for the first season. The producers include Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson , which already belong to the films on the main responsible persons.

Casting the participants has already begun

The production team of 72 films is currently looking for suitable participants who want to fly around the globe this year. The registration form can be viewed online. However, only people who have their residence in the United Kingdom may be. Numerous projects around James Bond and other MGM brands are to be presented in the future. Overall 8.45 billion US dollars ** has paid Amazon for the takeover.

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