In an extremely eventful first passage was only Kramarics Gate a playful highlight: The Hoffenheimer was sent out of its own half of Caleta-Car and stayed in front of Oblak. His shot banged on the left in the stitches (39.). Except for the hits for game-controlling croats, Jakics first start-up set for Croatia was probably a personal highlight for the midfield man of the SGE. Previously, the 24-year-old was only switched in two international matches.

The second round then had a little more to offer: Modric checked shortly after restart with a distance shot Oblak (52.). Little later, Bijol headed another shot of the Real Star first from the danger zone – Caleta-Cars Marsh-Shot rushed slightly from it (53.). The final phase then had a lot to offer. Vlasics tries for Croatia (81., 86.) and on the other side of Bijols (88th) did not land in the gate. The latter fails with his header only to Gvardiol, who was strongly reacting on the line.

Croatia Vs Slovenia Live Match 2022 EN VIVO HD

In the detention time then the very late compensation: again Bijol was allowed to come to the header after a corner, this time he was sitting. The ball slammed on the lower edge of the latte and from there only hair sharp behind the line (90. +1). The impartial got the signal – the calls of the Croats brought nothing more. The 1: 1 was the first game in a number of friendly matches in Qatar.