Actually, one had expected an announcement of the upcoming WoW extension in the context of a BlizzConline in February 2022. Then Blizzard has painted the event without replacement and let us fidget for a while. On April 19, 2022 it is time and we will finally know where patch 10.0 leads. What we probably do not yet reveal is when we can count on patch 10.0 and thus the upcoming expansion.

Of course, this is not because the developers want to hide us something, but because they do not know it in such an early stage of development themselves. Probably internally only a gross period is considered. A look at the periods that lay between announcement and release with previous enlargements but makes little positive suspect.

From the announcement to the release

If you look at when the past extensions have been announced and when they are opened on the live servers, then you quickly realize that with a release of patch 10.0 this year is hardly available.

  • Warlords of Draenor: 8.11.2013 until 13.11.2014 – 370 days
  • Legion: 6.8.2015 until 30.8.2016 – 390 days
  • Battle for Azeroth: 3.11.2017 to 14.8.2018 – 284 days
  • Shadowlands: 1.11.2019 to 23.11.2020 – 388 days

WoW 10.0 Coming In 2023?

As a rule, about a year was between the announcement and the release of a WOW extension. If you take these numbers at hand, then the release of Patch 10.0 would eventually take place between the end of January and mid-May 2023. A release still 2022 would be a big surprise accordingly.

Duration of the final patch?

The duration between announcement and release of an extension is usually unlikely. Much more important is the duration between the last content patch and the subsequent extension.

If Patch 10.0 is officially announced, the last content update of Shadowlands has been running many weeks. That was not always the case in the past. When Shadowlands was announced, the final patch of Battle for Azeroth was far from the live server for example.

  • Patch 5.4 to Warlords of Draenor: 10.09.2013 until 13.11.2014 – 429 days
  • Patch 6.2 to Legion: 23.06.2015 until 30.8.2016 – 431 days
  • Patch 7.3 to Battle for Azeroth: 29.08.2017 to 14.8.2018 – 350 days
  • Patch 8.3 to Shadowlands: 14.01.2020 to 23.11.2020 – 314 days

If you look at how the duration of the last patch has developed so, you could actually assume that the direction is right. Since the Hell Fire Citadel at the end of WOD, the duration we spend with the final patch “had to” reduce “” “. If you were from the 314 days we spent in Ny’alotha, then Patch 10.0 would appear almost this year – more precisely on January 3, 2023.
Most of us could probably live quite well. However, in our eyes it is unlikely that it will happen. Why is the way, we’ll tell you on the next page:

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