Full Software Hands, PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / Steam New Action RPG “Elden Ring”. It is one month from the release, but it is only known for the high difficulty, and many people still enjoy this work ( and suffering ).

The level is raised when it is clogged with such “Elden Ring”. Especially if there are few items yet, “raising the level” is often the best shortcut of the capture.

However, in this work, it is also difficult to raise the level. What’s up ** Sometimes you’re a small fish enemies If you’re easily killed the player, you may die many times and you may lose the rune.

So this time, Introduce the recommended location that can be used to raise the level from the beginning . It is a place where you can use it before defeating the example of the example of the example, so it is a place where it can be used to raise the level, so please take advantage when you are clogged!

# ◆ Hunt tanks in red land “North of Girl’s North” Earned Rune: about 2,500

Introduction to introduce from the Limglave to the Northeastern “Cay Lid”, a way to earn in the Area on the North Side in the North Side. From the beginning of the released, it was a topic as a place to earn.

Best Elden Ring Rune Farms After Patch 1.03 / 150,000 - 3 Million Runes Per Hour (Easy)

A large number of enemies are placed in this area, but it is only one to defeat. The enemy is “ fire tank ” that imitates the face of a person. First of all, while bypassing this “fire tank”, we will go up the slope next to it.

And if you go directly above the fire tank, jump towards the top of the enemy. If you attack well on the hole that is weakness, you can defeat the enemy with a blow.

By involving an enemy near the explosion at this time, you can get a runoon from 2,500 to 3,000. Even when your attack power is low, it is also a big advantage to earn without problems. There is also a blessing nearby, so it’s easy to go around.

However, ** Keilid enemies are stronger than the limglave, and at low levels of miscellaneous fish. Let’s be careful to explore the surroundings.

# ◆ Aim for enemies “Arashi Hill” Giant Hunting Rune: Approximately 5,000

The second introduction is Rune earnings at “Arashi Hill”. Here is There are 5 giants that drop approximately 1,000 runs **.

The 5,000 runs in the early stages are the amount of 2 or 3 levels at a time. It is quite a lot as a rune that can be obtained at one time. Those who are not used to games are recommended to aim for each other. Since the giant’s attack is large, the horse will be riding and guided by the horse will immediately discuss each other. If you can use magic, it is also recommended to attack from the top of the nearby rocky place.

When there is no good work, Guard strength is equipped with a stronger or defensive protective armor, and it is also useful to keep a shield under the rocks . This will easily hit the attack of the Giants against other giants. ** Solve the guard once when the stamina is broken and recover.

However, oil crossing is prohibited . Let’s make the move as you can only be careful after being aware of the giant. Especially The guests will receive a distant , so it is necessary to arrive.

# ◆ Dividing enemies intensive enemies “Yado Rest” near Giant Hunting Rune: Approx 2,000

It is recommended for those who are not good at fighting, How to make a rune with two giants who are pulling a cot in the ruins of the inn. . This giant also drops about 1,000 runs, so about 2,000 runs can be collected at a time **.

It is different from “Arashi Hill”, but this giant should be connected with a carriage. Therefore, the giant does not do anything until attacking, and the giant does not go through unless the chain is off. Since the footstep attack is low, you can save it safely than the giants of other places. Also, because the attack range is limited, it is easy to damage enemies.

It is recommended that you use a large weapon for attacks . It takes time for time-consuming weapons to occur, and large weapons are easy to get giant, so it is easy to get fatal attack.

Personally, I was fighting with two swords with two swords. If you get used to treading, you can attack continuously while avoiding attacks.

# ◆ Lunes of “ Third Marika Church” Rune Earning Lunes of “ Third Marika Church”

Lastly, I would like to introduce you ** Rune Earn near “Third Marica Church” in Limgrave. Since the giant is integrated here, it beats it and repeats to return to blessings.

This loan earning does not have good efficiency than other places . However, this is nearby enemies other than the giant and you can fight with Timan.

Therefore, It is just good to try and try new weapons and try using a strategy that only attached. If you become a good weapon configuration, how about continuing the adventure as it is? However, be aware of bears in the nearby forest. It is quite powerful.

◆ Summary

The enemy of Elde, which is full of killings, including Margit, which has also been talked with Twitter. Especially in this work, the enemy’s attack power is highly high and the vitality should be carefully raised. If not, there is also a need for a run when purchasing an item.

Elde’s king is not done one day. Once you get stuck, it’s better to go back to the rim grave and earn a rune slowly. Still, it is a scary place for this game to be defeated occasionally….