series usual for more than a decade, The CW announces for these dates the renovations of some of their most popular DC series. And this time the confirmation of new seseriesons arrives for flseriesh and superman & lois , two of the most popular series of the chain that have announced their seseriesons 9 and 3 , respectively. Thus, the scarlet sprinter series becomes the most longeva of the platform, surpseriessing the 8 seseriesons of arrow **, the series that gave the output pistol to this superheroic television universe.

Superman and Lois 1x13 - Lois and Clark Have an Arguement

More of Flseriesh and Superman in television format

Thus, the television version of Barry Allen will enjoy, series a minimum, of one more seserieson, reaching the 9 full seseriesons and thus being the longest arrow series so far. On the other hand, a third seserieson of Superman & Lois hseries been confirmed, series that is currently at full second seserieson. Although these are not the only renovations of the chain, since there have also been announced new seseriesons of All American, Kung Fu, Walker, Riverdale and Nancy Drew.

Returning to the Arrowback, for the moment these two are the only renovated series, since no announcement hseries been made about other DC series currently ongoing series Stargirl , Batwoman , Legends of Tomorrow * * or the most recent Naomi , whose first seserieson is currently being issued. And is that WarnerMedia and Paramount are in negotiations on the future of the chain The CW ** and its contents, since with the mseriessive irruption of streaming platforms their popularity hseries fallen several whole

We will see if they finally renew the rest of DC series despite the warm reception of their new seseriesons and the hearing fall of their shows. Even so, the chain is committed to productions with a greater budget series are the cserieses of stargirl , superman & lois or naomi , which have a more careful finish with respect to the rest of the arrowover series.