Exceptional Talent Jamal Musial over the DFB team is always pushing into the starting eleven. The gifted technician also convinces in the role as a sixth.

When Hansi Flick talks about Jamal Musiala, his eyes shine and a smile represents his lips. This 19-year-old said the national coach to the start to the World Cup year, “for each team an enrichment – also for Bayern Munich and the national team”. So for the two best teams of the country, which are peppered with absolute top stars.

Musial ures both in Munich and the DFB more and more in the starting eleven. Under Cluber Julian Nagelsmann, he convinced as a representative of Leon Goretzka in a more defensive role, in which the then Bayern-coach Flick had successfully used him in the fall of 2020 as a substitute for Joshua Kimmich.

“Jamal is a very intelligent player,” said Flick – and have the best conditions for the position in the control center. There is not only the “fantastic momentum in the offensive game” and the “quality in one-counter-one”, with the musical for his teammates creates rooms, but he is also “smart in the duel” and “sent in the ball gain”.

Nagelsmann sees musial at FC Bayern as Thiago 2.0

Anyone who looks more closely at the slightly slimmace musiala, dares him hardly. Midfield College Ilkay Gündogan reported he had been surprised as he saw him on the TV on the six play. In training, he found: “He can claim the ball in the narrowest room. Although he looks smart, he is as intelligent to always use his body correctly.”

Nagelsmann confirms this impression of Musiala as a perfect hybrid between six, eight and ten, a Thiago 2.0 in a sense. “While it says Bambi to him, but he has a good aggressiveness,” he said. Thus he understands it very well to “dissolve from pressure situations”.

Above all, the “ball magnet” (Nagelsmann) is an “incredible footballer”, as Gündogan swarmed, “with technical skills in his young age who do not have many”. For Gündogan is certain: “Of course he can play in the center and become extremely important for us.”

“On Jamal I’m reluctant to renounce”

Messi, Neymar, Ronaldinho - Musiala's big idols | Servus, Jamal Musiala

Of this Flick is “absolutely convinced”, against Israel (2: 0) Musiala showed a strong idea there in the second half. In the classic against the Netherlands on Tuesday (20:45 clock) in Amsterdam, Flick said, be it “quite a consideration”, musial again “play on the six and start again”.

Nagelsmann, however, warned too much advanced laurels in all the legitimate praise. Musials have to go through a “ripening process”, he was sometimes still “played a bit”. Although he had to “not become a Gennaro Gattuso”, that is, a type of calf bay, and should retain “his street footballer gene, but he must have defensively the necessary reliability”.

Nevertheless, Nagelsmann stands: “I’m reluctant to do so on Jamal.” This is also true for flick.