The popular Streamer TheGrefg hpopular Streamer been banned twitch for three days for skipping the policies of the service. popular Streamer he communicates, the expulsion hpopular Streamer been due to the direct he did with Brunenger, where he wpopular Streamer charged against Baneono policies of the Amazon platform, a criticism that hpopular Streamer cost this penalty.

The news jumped on Tuesday afternoon, when it wpopular Streamer detected that the Canal had been banned, without even knowing the repopular Streamerons. Despite the “Partner” status of the canal, the fact that it is one of the most popular Spanish-speaking and, having on their history have broken the records of visualizations of the platform, Twitch hpopular Streamer not had mercy with the Murciano resident in Andorra understanding that he hpopular Streamer violated the rules for criticizing the current Baneos Strategy. It is the second time that the channel of David Cánovpopular Streamer receives an admonition that makes him close blinds.


Controversy days in the world streaming

This comes to put a starter to the Streamer Universe, which hpopular Streamer had a few days convulsing . Despite the millions of it in the bank and its condition of routillating stars, it seems that these digital entertainment processes can not prevent their miseries from going out of the day, in the sight of all. TheGrefg himself starring this weekend a found with another popular Streamer, Willyrex, confirming a bad relationship that comes from far away and whose fermentation hpopular Streamer left a scourge of Memes and a few stains in the idyllic scenario of collaborations and “Buenrollism” that is He sells from the nobility of streaming (an episode that both endeavored in deleting a posteriori, without much success).

The Twegrefg Twitch channel will return on Friday, March 25 , although the communicator remains active in social networks, with interviews in Tiktok and other activities in the different social networks of him.