Electronic Arts announced that the next generation of Apex Legends ** “will be delivered on March 30.

More-performance next-generation model is compatible with various functions such as comfortable play and 4K, HDR compatible with full 60Hz. Some functions in the Xbox console are only Xbox Series X. In addition, the functions of complying in the future have also been announced.

# Function corresponding to next-generation models

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* 4K Output: PS5 / Xbox Series X

  • Full 60Hz: PS5 / Xbox Series X | S

  • HDR: PS5 / Xbox Series X | S

  • High resolution shadow map: PS5 / Xbox Series x

  • LOD Distance expanded: PS5 / Xbox Series x

# Feature for future support in next-generation models

  • 120Hz Gameplay: PS5 / Xbox Series X | S

  • Adaptive Trigger: PS5

  • Haptics Feedback: PS5

  • Visual improvement: PS5 / Xbox Series X | S

  • Audio Improvement: PS5 / Xbox Series X | S

The XBOX version is not necessary for the SMARTDELIVERY function to upgrade the next generation of machine version, but the PS5 version needs some settings.

  1. Move to PS5 dashboard game hub

  2. Press the three-point reader (option button) next to “Playing the game”

  3. Press “Select Version” to choose PS5 version, download

  4. Delete PS4 version from game library when download is complete

The next generation of “Apex Legends” will be delivered March 30 along with the Warriors Collection Event.