In anillo de Elden, players meet a series of unique and impressive enemies. It seems that fromSoftware could have cut plans for those opponents, and data miners have discovered some interesting clues about what could have been. On Twitter, @JESTERPATCHES shared images of the game files that originally believed they pointed to plans for a bostiary. In total, @JESTERPATCHES discovered 64 icons, each with two different versions, one of which is obscured. The data mining originally believed that the obscured versions were intended to indicate if the player had met or not with that particular character. The icons also present art that was not used anywhere else of the game!

While a Bestiary would seem a safe assumption, in a follow-up Tweet, @JESTERPATCHES shared discovered information by Evilcoookie, a Modder at Discord of the game. Evilcoookie shared an apparently cut element called St. Trina’s Crystal Ball, which would have been able to copy something called “fog of dreams” from a sleeping being. @JesterPatches has come to believe that the icons they discovered were destined to represent the fog of sleep inside the crystal ball. Basically, players could collect that dreamy fog of enemies, but it is impossible to say how it would have been used in the real game.

@JESTERPATCHES tweets with some of these icons can be found embedded below.

During the development of the game, it is not unusual that the functions are eliminated before the game launches. Sometimes, the features are cut for time, while sometimes they are cut because they simply did not work in the way the developer had foreseen. Both theories about these icons are convincing, but Anillo de Elden Commercial and critical success seems to show that the game did not need anything else! Clearly, players have found more than enough content to keep them occupied.

Anillo de Elden is now available at PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. You can check all our previous game coverage here.

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