The HBO series to The Last of Us is currently being shot in Canada, even if the places in history are probably all in the US. This also means that at the moment we do not know exactly where Ellie and Joel ultimately takes. That the series does not focus on the video game, has already been confirmed. Now pictures show a location that fans should not be known so.

Attention: The article contains spoilers to The Last of Us.

The Last of US Series with New Location

Concrete is about the station Pittsburgh, which visited the duo relative to the beginning of their adventure. We remember: The story begins in the quarantine zone of Boston, so in the east of the USA. From here it goes on to Pittsburgh, where you meet the brothers Henry and Sam.

From Pittsburgh Mach Kansas: At REDDIT, pictures of Ellie, Joel, Henry and Sam are currently in Kansas City, which is much further in the West as Pittsburgh. This means either that it creates the two brothers alive from Pittsburgh in contrast to the game, and that is more likely that Pittsburgh was exchanged shortly with Kansas.

Here you see the four survivors:

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And here one of the “evidence pictures”:

Why should that be the case? The Last of Us makes very big jumps on the journey of Ellie and Joel. Only a few places between Boston and Salt Lake City in Utah (the goal of the two) are actually shown.

The optical differences between Boston and Kansas are significantly greater than between Boston and Pittsburgh. Good possible that this variety plays a role here to give us a better sense of changes in the environment during the journey.

All important information about the TLOU series, you will find in our review article:

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Not the only change: The Last of US series will probably take some more freedoms. For example, it has already been confirmed that the Apocalypse begins ten years earlier than in the game (2003 instead of 2013). These deviations may have practical reasons or they can also serve to give those an incentive that know the game.

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And when is the Last of Us finally going on?

Unfortunately the last of us will no longer be flickering this year about our screens, because a broadcast 2022 has already been officially issued a cancellation. After the shooting is still running and afterwards a complex post-processing is waiting, we can expect the series at the earliest next year.

HBO's Last of Us: Set Tour - Film Set Locations in Edmonton
And where can I see the last of us? The Last of Us is produced by HBO, which with HBO Max entertain its own streaming service. If you want to see the series in German, you probably have to subscribe to Sky, as the service has an exclusive contract with HBO.

Do you want the last of us to keep the story of the games, or are creative freedoms for you okay?