The free Xbox Games with Gold for May 2022 will be presented towards the end of April, with four other games offered for redeeming. As always, two games are offered from the backward compatibility library of the Xbox 360 and the original Xbox, and two more from the era of Xbox One games.

Games with gold was less exciting this year to express it mild. In the four months of the games we have seen so far, nothing really noticed. Microsoft is really focusing on game passport at this point, you wonder why there are games with gold still.

Nevertheless, another four games will be redeemable, so let’s get in the board Xbox Games with Gold May 2022 free games forecasts we have for you, as well as all leaks as soon as they are announced.

Xbox games with gold May 2022 free games

The free games for Xbox Games With Gold May 2022 have not yet been announced. They will be announced in the days before the end of April, expected shortly before the 28th of April.

Forecasts for Xbox Games With Gold May 2022

Here are our four predictions for the installation of the Xbox Games With Gold in May 2022:

  • Gods will fall – Xbox One
  • The Sexy Brutal – Xbox One
  • Portal 2 – Xbox 360 downward compatibility
  • SSX3 – Xbox downward compatibility

Gods will fall (Xbox One)

Gods Will Case is the kind of title that we would expect he overwrites Games with gold. The top-down action roleplay came out at the beginning of last year and pushed on some mixed reviews, which are currently sitting with us 70 on Metacritic.

The Sexy Brutal (Xbox One)

However, The Sexy Brutal is an inspiring game that we could see in the lineup. In 10 different unique and gruesome murder scenarios, you need to watch and experience the fate of every single guest in the villa where you are located, while the watch is reset every night at midnight. Their goal is to save them from their evil demise. It is currently at 82 on Metacritic.

Portal 2 (Xbox 360 downward compatibility)

Xbox - April 2022 Games with Gold
Portal 2 is an absolute classic, which we believe that he could really help to improve the line-up of this month by giving the playing of this month to the urgently needed puzzle flair. Surprisingly, as far as we can judge it, it was not in service. So if it has the appearance, it is a real headline classic.

SSX 3 (Xbox downward compatibility)

Finally, we dive back to the early 2000s with SSX 3 as our last prediction. The classic arcade snowboard game comes complete with this classic feeling and a variety of events and customization options.

This includes the free Xbox Games with Gold Mai 2022 games and our predictions for the month. Come again for the matches of the next month.