They have been looking for a quote for the Xbox Series X, but the model is rarely available. Media Markt and Saturn are waiting with a top deal. The next-gene console gets you currently for unbeatable 499.99 euros. Shipping is free of charge. According to the price comparison Portal Idealo you save on the online competition about 35 euros (all prices and information – as of 1 April 2022).

XBox Series X at Media Markt & Saturn

The Xbox Series X from Microsoft (Note 1.7) comes with an eight core processor with 3.8 gigahertz clocking and a graphics unit with 12 teraflops power. The system is supported by 16 gigabytes GDDR6 memory. The internal SSD memory is 1 terabyte and is expandable via an external plug-in module. 4K gaming with up to 120 pictures per second is with the Xbox Series X in it. The new console is backward compatible with playing older generations.

  • about 35 euros compared to the competition Save
  • 4K gaming; 1 terabyte internal SSD memory (expandable)
  • Downward compatible; Including Xbox Wireless Controller

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Price with voucher improve

If you subscribe to the free newsletter of the electronic professionals, now gets a media market voucher or a Saturn voucher over 10 euros. After registration, there is an email with a corresponding discount code. This is redeemable from an order worth 100 euros and leads to a final price of 489.99 euros for the console.

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