On a recent Twitch Stream, the famous rapper t-bread explained what it means to be a full-time streamer twitch and it does not belong to this category. While some viewers have accused t-bread to be well known, the rapper was quick to point out that he was a small streamer compared to names like Timthetatman and XQC. Some of the titles that t-bread plays streaming includes Call of Duty Warzone, Rust and Tetris 99.

“XQC has just made 90,000 on a Just Chatting and I’m not a small streamer? I am with you fucking mom! I’m trying to help us all! Said t-bread during a recent stream where he left on his cat. “I’m trying to help each part of this support, fucking! We are not in this range. Mizkif was not on the stream for ten days and you go with 8,000 constant views sitting there playing Pokémon without even there!

T-Pain RANTS about being a SMALL STREAMER (with context)
“What… what is this brothel! And you tell me I’m not a small streamer? I am with you fucking mom! I try to do that for us! What are you talking about? Continued T-Bread during his Tyrade Twitch in charge of swears. Timthetatman Stream to mother F *** Ing 7 o’clock in the morning fucking! Timthetatman broadcasts before one of us wakes up and he receives 38,000 people in the first thirty minutes. Who is the little Streamer here? »

T-bread did a great job in his diatribe illustrating that it’s not because someone is a huge star in a field that he instantly succeeds in everything he does and that it’s not Because someone is a celebrity that everything he does receive. support. What are the part-time or smaller part-time streamers who do you think deserve more credit? Let us know in the comments below!