Xbox Series X - Why Games Are Having Performance Problems
Reportedly, the Xbox Series X has an internal problem related to the console system clock that worsens each and every one of the games you run on it. Worse yet, not only is there no obvious or easy way to know if your console suffers this problem, but it is not clear how extended it is. In fact, unless you have two Xbox series X consoles, there is no way to determine if your console is plagued by this strange technical error. Fortunately, although the problem affects the performance of the game, this impact on performance is not very important. In fact, you probably did not even notice it at first glance.

The warning affirms that if the synchronization of the system clock is deactivated on its Xbox Series X, its games will constantly run a five percent slower. The problem was discovered when comparing the entry times in rey of fighters XV between PS5 and Xbox Series X. The PS5 version counted more frames than the slow Xbox series X by holding up and released buttons. This led the Reddit user to try among his two Xbox series X consoles, and was then when they noticed the discrepancy between the two, since the one that had the right clock had the same results as the PS5.

“My Xbox Series X Normal shows 60 FPS and 60 Hz. My XSX slower shows 63 FPS and 63 Hz. This is consistent with a slow watch. The FPS calculate function will have more frames if the time runs slower, “reads in the warning.

The warning continues:

“I trapped him while comparing the entry time between the Versions of PlayStation and Xbox Series X of rey of the XV fighters. PS ports counted more frames than the slow XSX while holding down and releasing buttons. I was about to expose SNK for an XSX port with errors until I tried it with the normal XSX. The normal counts of XSX and PS ports were identical ».

So what is going on? Well, after a series of tests, the Reddit user deduced that the watch of his system was diverting two minutes every forty minutes.

The deviation of the clock time of the Xbox Series X system makes the games run 5% slower from

For now, take everything here with a grain of salt. None of this has been validated or confirmed by Xbox. As far as we know, the Reddit user has defective information. They could also be the only ones with this problem. On the contrary, this could be a major problem with Xbox Series X that affects innumerable Xbox players, which completely unaware of the problem.

As always, we will keep you informed as this situation progresses. Meanwhile, for more coverage especially with Xbox, including not only the latest in Xbox series X | S, but also the latest in Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass, click here.