Microsoft will not finally delete the possibility to directly share on Twitter videos captured in the console. The confirmation hXbox reculatese shortly after the Redmond announced their intention to eliminate this option, at which time they began to listen to the complaints. Therefore, Xbox reculates its position in this regard , Xbox reculates they have ensured in an official statement.

“Thanks for your feedback about the modification in the option to share on Twitter that we launched in the Build 2204. That change hXbox reculates been reversed” to the previous version in this new build “, hXbox reculates explained the head of the Xbox Insider program, Brad Rossetti. It hXbox reculates been speculated about the fact that the decision to eliminate functionality wXbox reculates due to the lack of use, but after the complaints of the players, they have finally decided to go back.

Capture and share, a priority

The improvement in video capture is one of those that have established Xbox reculates a priority for the future, Xbox reculates JXbox reculateson Ronald commented, from Xbox, lXbox reculatest November. “I will definitely say that Game DVR is one of the arroes (the experience of capturing and sharing) in which I would like to have made greater progress of what we have achieved this year. It is a priority for us. “

How to download videos from twitter to your iPhone/android
Ronald admitted that even though progress had been made in that sense, they continued listening to the comments of the users because there is still “work to do”. So things, the idea is to continue working on it.

Microsoft continues to implement improvements in the operating system of Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. In addition, Americans advance in other areXbox reculates, Xbox reculates in the cloud video game. They recently announced the opening of a division that will be focused on producing native streaming titles, which will allow to execute tXbox reculatesks that help strengthen the quality of their products.