After multiple delays, morbius finally came to movie theaters on March 30. The critic brought pieces to this film, to the point that already considered one of the worst in Marvel’s history. Regardless of what your opinion has been, the truth is that this new production has certain implications for the future of Spider-Man. Or at least that made us believe.

Spoilers for morbius below

Although all references to spider-man were eliminated from the final movie, one of its post-credit scenes suggests that morbius will be forming equipment with vulture to form the six claims. The question here is, what version of Peter Parker will face them? After what happened at No Way Home and Venom 2 , everything seemed to indicate that the MCU and the Spider-Verse of Sony had already come together, but it seems that it will not be like that.

Currently we do not know what universe it is ambient morbius , but everything indicates that it is not where the spider-man resides. Therefore, the possibility of it is * * Andrew Garfield who interprets the arachnid in this universe, but I repeat, we do not know with total certainty either. At this point, it is easy to assume that neither Sony nor Marvel know it.

What is a fact, is that Sony is totally committed to creating its own universe with characters related to Peter Parker, mainly the villains of it. In the future we will have films like KRAven The Hunter and Madame Web, In addition to clear, the inevitable third of venom . It seems that morbius could be the beginning of the merger between MCU and the Spider-Verse, although we continue to have more questions than answers.

Previously, Garfield mentioned that he would not return as the arachnid for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 , but considering how much he meant the character’s return for fans in no way home , can That he has changed his mind. The future of spider-man In the cinema remains uncertain, and now that the multiverse has been officially opened, literally anything can happen.

MORBIUS Post-Credit Scenes & Ending Explained

Editor’s Note: It is clear that Sony and Marvel still have many to decide on the way they will follow with their Spider-Man’s collaboration, and at the end of the day, Morbius did not know what way to take. These first steps could be an indication of what awaits us in the future, but I think they only felt a coin in the air and saw what would happen.