One of the feared opponents in Elden Ring gets a decent buff donated. The developers had previously weakened him and straightened their mistakes. The suffering of the gaming shank.

Elden Ring Patch 1.03 Notes, NEW Quest Phases, Sorceries BUFF, PvP Nerfs and More!

Elden Ring is more difficult again

With the first big update for Elden Ring, from Software added to the game a quantity of new content : an improved map, new NPCs and quests and fixing some bugs.

When trying to adapt the balancing, but apparently something seemed wrong: the boss starry Radhan was henceforth weaker than before. The once so difficult opponent became a breeze for many .

His attacks had by the update a lower range and his attacks were also a lot weaker than before. Those who wondered the BOSS between March 17 and April 4th had the happiness or bad luck, depending on how masochistic you may defeat him in his weakened form.

In a supplement to the update is now that Radhan is just as strong as before. Some of his attacks are therefore unintentional weakened. (Source: Bandai Namco)

Radhan Buff: What do the fans say?

Online, some players and players are annoyed that Radhan has returned to old strength again. Some write that they were straight on the way to him and had hoped not to need too many attempts.

Others comment on that he was even extremely difficult to defeat with the update. As a tip, someone in the ELDEN-RING-SUBREDDIT gives the note that players ride on horseback and only complain about a NPC. Ghost Achievement Helps here well NOT NOT NEW. (Source: Reddit / The OrganicCircuit)

You want to prepare well on the fight with Radhan? Then you need Runes to race – a lot of runes. The following video shows you how you can farm many of them in no time: