has an announcement of the Nintendose Switch / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S for Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X | S (Nintendo, Nintendo) The switch has published a 360 ° trailer from April 7).

This work is a stylish and retro art style characteristic horror adventure. The first chapter has been released in PC (STeam) in 2020. Hiring of “fixed camera” elements of the first PS game, and the city represented by a calm low portrigon in catcher is unique atmosphere. In certain scenes, the screen becomes game boilout .

In the town where the strange “ box ” appeared in sucking people appeared, the main character Bree is absorbed by “box” and the hoped her real sister Sarah increase. The player manipulates multiple characters with each story and completes the “ritual” and must be found on the truth of this destruction.


  • Classic retro style adventure

  • Horror element or goore

  • Story-driven quests that more than one character appears

  • Fixed camera

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In addition, Developing Snot Bubbles Productions in this work is an indie led bellopper based in Canada, with Disney (“Aberaro Princess Elena”) and Net Flix (“Cat Scripped Cat”) etc. Mr. Daniel Beaulieu led the development team.

“Boreal Tennebray”, which is worthy of unique atmosphere art style, is released for 799 yen on April 7 for domestic Nintendose switches. Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S (currently no store notation) is also scheduled to be released. Overseas Nintendo Switch (Japanese support) / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S (no store notation at the moment) is scheduled to be released at $ 9.99 from April 8 overseas time.