Your life spots in Elden Ring and you do not have any healing bottles left? With this new trick, this is no longer a problem, because you can fill your bar quickly and easily. Everything you need for, are two headgear that you can find in the game relatively early. However, it is a bug that is problematic in the PVP.

LP Fill again with helmet trick

It’s about it: If you want to replenish your life bar again, without using bottles for it, so it works very easily by quickly changing between two “helmets” – or masks – quickly. Both headgear can be found in the Academy of Raya Lucaria in Liurnia .

That’s how you get the helmets:

Shimmer stone crown of house Olivinus : starts at the grace school classroom . Go straight into the hallway, then left in the next room. Behind the corpse is a secret wall and behind it again a balcony. Jump left over the balustrade and then follows the way. You have to jump up on a rock wall and jump over an abyss. Then you will find the item on a corpse.

Shimmer stone crown of house Karolos : starts at the grace Forum of the debate . Go to the courtyard in the yard, on the left past the fountain and then left again through the archway and until the end of the way.

There, the crown is drupted from a small crystal crab. Beware of the Iron Virgin near the archway! If you cleet sneak, she will not attention to you.

This is how the trick works: If you want to fill up your LP now, you only have to open the equipment inventory and quickly turn back and forth between the two crowns. Each change fills the beam.

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Fader tissue: That’s why the trick can be problematic

If you play alone for you, you can naturally use the trick to make it a bit easier.

However, fans report that the bug is exploited in the PVP to get an advantage. This can be seen here in a clip:

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According to Item description, something else should happen: Actually, the effect is not intended and therefore we can assume that he will soon be fixed to ensure fairness for the competitive multiplayer. The crown of the house Karolos should actually only increase the wisdom at the end of stamina, the crown of the house olivinius even the wisdom – at the expense of LP – increase.

Do you use this trick in the future?