Game Developer Daniel Mullins started distributing pet training games “ Bitbuddy ” on April 4. The corresponding platform is PC (ITCH.IO). You can download free of charge.

“Bitbuddy” is a game that fosters virtual pets. Green strange biological baber appearing in front of the player. In this work, we are supposed to enjoy interaction with this Baber. However, when launching the game, sudden words are suddenly sent from Baber. When the player ends the game, Baber will die. Baber is aware that he still does not want to die. The player will hold his Baber’s life and try to interact.

It is limited to be able to do this work. Speaking of the buttons prepared, “FEED (feeding)” “Promo Code” “quit (games)” is only three. If you choose FEED to try it, food will fall in Botri. However, Baber does not show interest in food, and “stomach is not open”.

For PROMO CODE, you can affect the game by entering keywords published in this work distribution page or Twitter. A slight change appears in Baber. And if you try to press the button on the Quit, Baber refusal. That hand avoids the Quit button with this hand and exits the game. Baber is desperate to live. If Baber dies, the game is over, so to enjoy this work, we have no choice but to experiment with the few elements prepared. The destiny to reach Baber depends on the player.

Daniel Mullins, who worked on this work, is a game creator known for “Inscryption” and “Pony Island”. He specializes in the game gimmick with meta elements, and “Bitbuddy” also exerts its talent. He is incorporated in various ways to take advantage of the settings that “end the game and die.” “Bitbuddy” seems to be produced as a participating work of online game jam Ludum DARE 50. This work is a “trial version”, and it has been announced that the “subscription version” will be different versions. It is unknown whether the subscription version is really released.

“Bitbuddy” is delivered for PC with ITCH.IO. It can be obtained for free.