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Playful Kiss - Playful Kiss: Full Episode 5 (Official & HD with subtitles)

** \ – 9 pm, 6:00 pm, ‘Super Terran’ Lee Jae Ho (T) and ‘Protoss’ Emperor’ Jung Yun-jong (P) Winning Title

** \ – 4, Kim Taek-yong (P) to defeat 4 to 2,

** \ – ASL for a long time, I returned to the ASL stage,

‘Super Terrance’ Lee Jae Ho and ‘Protoss’ Emperor’ Jung Yoon-jae have a winning title in the ASL Season 13 finals.

African TV said on the 9th of the 9th Afternoon Science RTS game, the scientific science RTS game <StarCraft: Limaster, “Africa TV Star League Season 13 ‘(ASL Season 13), said that it will conduct the final game. ASL has been in July 1, 2016 and has become a 13th season, and is a typical e-sports league and starcraft official league of African TV.

In this final, the “Super Terran” challenged the first challenge of ASL thought (T) and ASL Season 5 winner, returned and returned to the long-term space, and returns to the final ‘Phung (Emperor of Protoss)’ Care. The two players’ matches are expected to play a strategic fight as the best talent that represents each race, as the first match, after the ASL League has started.

The player who first entered the finals in both players is Lee Jae Ho. Lee Jae-ho has suppressed Kim Taek-yong (P) to the set score in two games, which was the fourth round of March 30 (Wed), and entered the finals. In particular, Lee Jae-ho has played a game with a two-to-two ties to Kim Taek-yong and 4 sets, win 5 · 6 sets, winning a set of 5 and 6 sets, and it was more attracted to secure the finals of the finals of the last ASL season. Lee Jae-ho, who showed a dense performance in this season, is expected to win the Protoss Leaf Jung Yun Yun,

On the other hand, Jung Yun-jong has entered the finals on the finals of 4 to 2 (Z) in the first game of the 4th round of April 3. Especially, Jeong Yun-jun has been in charge of the ASL stage, even though it has returned to the ASL stage, and it is expected to continue the market in this final, as well as the finals and advanced to the finals,

The ASL Season 13 finals proceed to 7 editions of 7. Maps are alternately alternating with Jung Yun-jong and Lee Jae Ho, selecting a set of 1 · 3, 5, and 2 · 4 · 6 sets, and the remaining maps are proceeded to 7 sets.

The ASL Season 13 finals proceed to offline positives in the ‘Sangam Colosuum’, the E-Sports-only Stadium, located in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. Africa TV plans to prevent new corona virus infection (corona 19) prevention (corona 19) prevention (corona 19) for the safety of the players and officials. The site ticket ticket can be purchased on a first-come, first-served basis on a ticket link site from a ticket link site to 3:30 pm on the 9th.

ASL Season 13 winner is a user clip and final viewing community event that can participate as a clip to the game while working with a user participating in the winner. More details on events can be found in Africa TV ASL Official Bureau . In addition, users can also participate in African TV e Sports page Newly predicted services on the first screen.

Meanwhile, ASL Season 13 is the Energy Drink ‘HOT6’ of Lotte Chilsung Beverage. Congress live and VOD can be watched through African TV E sports page.