Before the top game in the English Premier League on Sunday against the FC Liverpool, Manchester City Teammanager Pep Guardiola has showered his German counterparty Jürgen Klopp with praise. “As a manager, Jürgen is the biggest rival I had so far in my career,” said the Spanish football coach on Friday.

Klopp is “a good guy”, emphasized Guardiola: “He knows about my admiration for what he does for the message and the way his team plays.”

Despite her rivalry, the two world-class coaches have great respect for each other. On Friday, Klopp Guardiola had referred to the best coach in the world – what the Catalan denied: “Thank you, but I’m not. I would like to tell him that I’m the best, but I’m not.”

Looking at the past five years, Guardiola accounted for Liverpool under Klopp “our greatest opponent” and an “incredible, fabulous challenger”. “I’ll remember my time here when I’m retired to golf and games. I will remember that my biggest rival Liverpool was.”

Although the top game on Sunday has a great importance for the title race, Guardiola did not want to be torn to the statement that it was crucial. “It will be very important three points, but then there are still seven games, 21 points, and many challenges such as the Champions League and the FA Cup.”

In the Premier League Liverpool is eight gaming days before the end of the season as a table second only one meter behind the defending champion from Manchester.

Liverpool-Trainer Jürgen Klopp richtet Kampfansage an Pep Guardiola und Manchester City

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