Every day is streamed on Twitch: games, reactions, events and much more, sometimes several hundred thousand spectators. The platform is also very successful in Germany. We therefore introduce you to the 15 most successful streamers in Germany in a picture range.

Top 15 of the most successful twitch streamer from Germany

Pokimane's Top 5 Tips for Small Streamers!

The list is sorted by the followers number of each streamer. A “follow” on Twitch is similar to “subscribing” on YouTube for free and informs users about when a streamer is live and what new content there. However, the value does not provide a firm statement about the active viewers.

For this reason, you will also find an info about the average viewer number of the past 30 days , if possible. There are a few background info to the streamer itself and his focus. Incidentally, a streamer has not yet made it into the top 15, but that could change soon in the near future.

From Knossi to Eliasn97: The landscape of the German Twitch Streamer has become very great in recent years. Streams with well over 10,000 spectators are now no longer a rarity with the very large stars – but a penetration of follow-all over all others.