The Ascent burst on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 last month, and we liked it in our magazine 7/10. Playing alone, the CyberPunk shooter can be an explosion if you are in his filthy world and his action focused on the upgrade, but it may be better to enjoy it with a friend or two. As we have come to expect inter-generation securities activated by cooperation, the crossed game is possible between the two PlayStation consoles – but a new fix makes actually the crossed game PS5-PS4 of the game.

As the Neon Giant developer explains, the crossed game between PS5 and PS4 has been activated in one way or another inadvertently and apparently requires more tests “to guarantee the best experience for all players”. Bizarre, but at least we have given us a reason!

In addition, this hotfix caps the image frequency of The Ascent at 30 on PS4 in order to “maintain constant performance”.

The Ascent: 11 Minutes of PS5 Gameplay

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