Despite the convincing 4: 0 success in the catch-up against Erzgebirge Aue threatens the HSV once more of the non-rise – for the fourth time in a row! How it continues in this case is not clear. However, there should be different opinions within the lead days.

With “only” six points behind the relegation rank, the HSV still has the chance to return to the Bundesliga at six outstanding games. The faith alone is missing after the red reddoses allowed the possibility to lie partly negligently in the last three years. The question is: How is it going, the Hamburgers should miss the ascent again?

fourth timeing board Jonas Boldt has the “fourth time Image” according to clear idea. If it goes after him, at least at least on the perhaps the most important position in the club is changing nothing. It is said that Boldt wanted to continue to cling to coach Tim Walter – no matter in which league.

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Boldt is fully convinced of the work of the trainer. Walter own a clear plan and be someone who makes young players better. For these reasons, his dismissal in the eyes of the fourth times board is not an issue, writes “fourth time Image”.

Do Walter and Boldt have to go to HSV?

If Walter had to take his hat after the season, Boldt could follow him. According to “fourth time Image”, the fourth times board links his future to the HSV closely with that of the coach. Means: must go Walter, will probably go Boldt.

How realistic is a dismissal of Walters, among other things, depends on the appearances of the team in the last weeks of the season. If the team presents itself more often as in Dusseldorf (1: 1), Nuremberg (1: 2) or against Paderborn (1: 2), the club board could be forced to act. According to those Gemia, the “fourth time Image” missed a development in recent games – and those bodies are in the end, which decide the final over the fate of the coach.