An Analysis of Jean Kirstein - Attack On Titan The Final Season
As surely you already know, the Fourth season of Attack on Titan will have a third, which will eventually put an end to the story once and for all.
This news was accompanied by a poster, which confirms exactly who are some of the confirmed characters to return in the animation.
Next, a list with all the characters that we know will return for this last part:
– Eren jaeger
– Mikasa Ackerman
– Armin Arlert
– Reiner Braun
– Annie Leonhart
– Jean Kirchstein
– Connie Springer
– Levi

– Zeke Jaeger
– Gabi Braun
– Falco
– Colt
– Pieck Finger
– Porco Galliard
– Yelena
– Nikolo
– Pixie
As you can see, the vast majority of important characters will be back for this last part, which will be arriving at the girl screen at some point of 2023.