The creation of content in the game industry is an area in which it becomes increasingly difficult to go into the air. Since more and more people are pushing for platforms like Twitch and YouTube, it is easier than ever to lose in noise. YouTube Superstar Alastair, Ali-A ‘AIKEN – Most of all for its Call of Duty and Fortnite Content – now offers new and emerging Youtubern the opportunity to enforce with a new global talent show – Uture.

Uture is sponsored by YouTube itself and will see some of the best creators of the platform from all over the world, including Kayla, Lilsimsie ‘Sims, Lachlan, Lachlan’ Power and Kathleen, Loserfruit ‘Belest, who judge the ten best applicants for the show in A Set of challenges in creating content over the nine-week term of UTURE.

My *BIG* Announcement!
With the promise that their contents are viewed by some of the biggest names on Youtube, not to mention the main prize of the show of $ 100,000, UTURE will surely see many applicants who need their required 60 seconds youtube shorts -Uploads submit to the official Uture website (more details for participation can be found here). Submissions are possible until 8 May 2022. So if you want to try your luck, you can become creative.

Ali-A said on Saturday at the WASD gaming event that he hopes to use Uture as a channel for taking the use of “Learning and teaching” from his over a decade long career and uses them to the next generation of Content Carry out creators. You can see the full revelation of Uture below.

Needless to mention that we are curious who makes the final cut when the show begins in June.