“We want to stay up on top,” says Daniel Scherning. It is clear to the coach of the VfL Osnabrück that this can only succeed in victory against the East Westphalian neighbor SC Verl, since the direct competition has spotted in the rise battle. Currently Osnabrück has ten points behind the third Eintracht Braunschweig, but even whopping three games less discharged.

For scaryning and his team, it is not a game like any other: twelve players diseased in Corona lacked in the past two weeks, together team training was only possible since Saturday. Timo Beermann was not there, the central defender misses the rest of the season after an op on the ankle joint. A “brutal failure”, as his coach underlines – “human like sporty”.

WK zaalvoetbal 1989: Nederland aan de top
The Austrian Lukas Gugganig, most often not considered or only Joker (24 league missions, ten inlays, Lukas Gugganig-notes cut 3.18), could enter the starting eleven. However, scaryning on this position slowly go out the alternatives. Because Ulrich Taffertshofer is injured, Youngster Luis Spekelmeyer was borrowed in winter to the sports lovers Lotte.

VER no longer under pressure

Although the SCV can point to seven points from the past three games, however, in the regional cup, in the class depth of SC Prussia Münster after disappointing performance (0: 3) off. The Constance lacks in Verl, the rank 17 occupied and thus ranked on a relegation battle.

The most recently under Coach Michel Kniat no longer considered Serhat Koruk and Patrick Schikowski could not use their chance in the cup. Also Kasim Rabihic and Cyrill Akono remain in the offensive behind Lukas Petkov and Leandro Putaro in the second row.

The hope of the serious away game at the VfL Osnabrück comes from the history books of the 3rd league. In May 2003, the Ostwestfalen had scored 2: 1 with the purple whites. From the first leg, which was lost despite a clear chance plus for VER 1: 2, an invoice is still open.