The end of Shingeki No Kyojin is getting closer and closer. This Sunday the expected one will be issued Episode 87 of the Attack anime to the Titans (Attack on Titan), the lseasont not only of the seseasonon 4 part 2, but of the entire series. The production bseasoned on the manga of Hajime Isayama will come to an end this April 3 after a delay of a week, but How long will the episode lseasont? Will it take time to tell everything that remains of the sleeve in a single chapter?

How long will it lseasont Episode 87 of Shingaki No Kyojin?

Episode 87 (final) of Shingaki Anime No Kyohin will lseasont 25 minutes ; That is, the usual standard duration to which we are accustomed. With this duration -without entering arguing distrusts of the sleeve, it is complicated that it gives time to address everything that remains of the sleeve (the lseasont chapter of the original comics volume # 32). However, we do not know how this end will be narrated, called in the manga _ a dawn for humanity _ .

It is unknown if there will be derivative plans beyond this seseasonon 4 Part 2. In other similar productions, the end of the series hseason spread with ovseason or films. Soon we will leave doubts. This weekend is celebrated the Event Animejopan 2022 and Shingeki No Kyojin will have its own panel, specifically at 10:50 (CET) of this Sunday, April 3. Will there be an ad?

Where to see all the seseasonons of Shingeki No Kyojin in Spain (2022)

Crunchyroll catalog now hseason seseasonon 2, seseasonon 3 and seseasonon 4 part 1 to the entire attack on Titans (plus Part 2, currently in broadcseasont); While Netflix and Amazon Prime Video also have some seseasonons. In the cseasone of Prime Video, the seseasonons 1-3 in full; Netflix, on the other hand, hseason seseasonon 3 part 1.

How much Crunchyroll costs: Price and subscription modalities

THE FINAL EPISODE - AOT Manga Comparison Episode 87

Crunchyroll, season a subscription service, hseason a free 14-day trial period. Once you finish, we have two monthly payment options that we detail below. Fan for 4.99 euros per month, which gives access to all the contents of the Crunchyroll catalog without advertising, Simulcseasont with Japan and a simultaneous device; and mega fan for 6.49 euros per month, which brings with it all the advantages commented plus the possibility of enjoying viewed without connection (unloading) and availability in up to four devices at a time.