Ask When will Sojourn to the Beta JCJ version of Overwatch 2 ? Then you are in the right place, since this guide will explain everything you need to know about the launch date of the hero and how you can register in the beta version of OW2 PVP, so you can try it yourself.

The beta version of Overwatch 2 is around the corner and will be launched at the end of this month. To excite the players even more, the developer Activision Blizzard has revealed what players can expect when they load the beta version for the first time when it is thrown, and that, fortunately, includes the new Hero Sojourn.

Release date of the Overwatch 2 Beta of Sojourn

Overwatch 2 - Sojourn Abilities and Gameplay LEAKED!

As detailed at the official website of Overwatch 2 Beta, Sojourn will be available for players from April 26.

In addition to the new hero, players will also have access to a 5V5 mode, original Overwatch maps and four new, a new ‘push’ mode, reapplies of Heroes for Orisa, Doomfist, Bastion and Shadow, and a ping system to help you. Brand articles and enemies to your teammates.

Register in Overwatch 2 Pvp Beta

To register, go to the Overwatch 2 PVP beta page and click on the “Register” button.

Next, you must pass and log in to your Battle.NET account. After doing this, you will receive a confirmation message that your registration has been received and you will receive an email at your registered address when you have been successful.

However, it is worth noting that there is no guarantee that you enter the Beta version of Overwatch 2 when it is initially launched, so you may need to wait a month or maybe more.

That’s all you need to know when SOJOURN comes out in OW2 beta. To get more tips and tricks, be sure to search Overwatch or refer to the links below.

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