Sony and Nintendo bring new features into their online services to make them consumer-friendly.

New features for online customers of Sony and Nintendo

The CMA, ie the Competition and Markets Authority in the United Kingdom, has looked at the major video game companies and found defects in the area of consumer protection . Only in January 2022 Microsoft had to easily change the Xbox Game Pass.

The company had to set the automatic extension of the Xbox Game Pass. Subscribers who have forgotten to cancel, was previously simply remedied money for a service they may not use anymore.

Now Sony and Nintendo must follow and build functions that are more customer-friendly. (Source: Games Industry)

PlayStation Plus

Sony customers will now be notified by e-mail if they were already inactive and they no longer use the service. In these e-mails, the subscriber will explain how they can easily terminate. If there is no answer ** and the account still remains inactive, Sony should be able to cancel the subscription itself.

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How the New PlayStation Plus Compares to Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online

The online service of the Nintendo Switch can either continue automatically or simply end after the subscription has expired. In the settings this can be changed at any time, By default, it has been set but that the subscription simply continues. But now it should work exactly the other way around: Who wants the subscription to continue automatically, this must now be set itself.

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Do the changes come to us?

Both Sony and Nintendo have first announced the changes described for the United Kingdom. Whether the customer-friendly features will come to us sometime, so it remains open for the time being.

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