Which Console was BEST in 2021? - PS5 vs Xbox vs Nintendo Switch
The Gamesindustry.biz website has just taken stock of sales of video game consoles in Europe, for the month of March 2022. And it is not Sony who led dance…


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The month of March was definitely rich in video games. Already because at the very end of February has landed onset, which continued to sell as small loaves the following weeks (twelve million sales in the latest news), but also because Titan like theft auto V has returned to PS5 and Xbox Series. **

You can also quote The Puissantgran Turismo 7 , the gigantic extension The dawn of Ragnarök for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Chocobo GP on Switch or The Catch Cutter with WWW 2K22. S years Talking about Tunic, Kirby and the forgotten world or Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin : In short, there was something to do.

The proof, Gamesindustry.biz declares that 14.2 million games sold in Europe this month, or 34% more than in March 2021. It’s a lot yes, and in the lead List We find DueLden Ring, followed by Gran Turismo 7 (64% of sales were performed on PS5, the rest on PS4 for the latter). The excluded of Polyphony Digital has also attributed the gold medal in France, Spain and Italy.

The Xbox Series in front of PlayStation 5

Of course, the consoles, too, took the opportunity to slip into many homes… But the scarcity really did not help some builders. Always on the old continent, Sony has found itself particularly impacted by the lack of components and is behind the Xbox Series. The X model of the latter was also bogged down by the scarcity, but the furniture could to be saved thanks to the availability of the Series S, which continues to be everywhere.

Finally, the real winner, it’s still and always Nintendo with his switch who continues to do wonders in Europe. We do not have concrete sales figures, but we know that they have increased 14% compared to February 2022 and 39% compared to March 2021. In short, everything is for the best for Big N, visibly determined to dethrone the PS4 and its 116 million sales (the latest news, the Switch had found 103 million takers in just five years of activity).


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