There is a lot about Battle of Battle 2042_ That _ Battle of PC, PLAYSTATION and XBOX fans do not like it. Near the top of this list are the specialists, who certainly like some players, but apparently to the vast majority of players do not like specialists. That said, they are in the game and do not come. A game designer in says, Federico Drabertha confirmed that specialists will not be eliminated from the game, however, they will be made changes throughout the year.

DICE Dev Confirms Specialist Rework & 'Almost Everyone' Working On Battlefield 2042
“The specialists will not be eliminated but reworked,” the developer confirmed, who made fun of that many changes will come this year, but it will simply take time to implement them. Drabert does not say what changes are being made in specialists, but confirmed that reworking specialists requires a lot of work, which probably explains why they are not eliminated. More specifically, Drabert said the following in response to someone who told the developer that specialists should be placed in classes, and in the process, which implies that this change is a simple coding entry:

“It’s not so easy. I saw the community’s proposals (congratulations to all those who endeavored) and more design work is required, “said the developer. “Specialists touch many parts of the game that must be taken into account during a redesign. Therefore, it is more than taking it and coding it ».

While it is not clear when some of the changes that Drabert suggests, we know that next week a massive update will be launched. That said, it does not seem to be the update to save the game currently in free fall, or at least the fans do not seem to think that it will be.

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