The end of the season 5 of The Last Kingdom left a vacuum. At the editor of JV, we must always more, and this is probably your case to you too. Here are 8 series available on Netflix who should delight the fans of Uhtred Ragnarsson.



We land in Media Res in the heart of Roman times with barbarians . In the year 9 after J.C. Roman supremacy on Germany is questioned. In these countries where a new breathe breath of freedom, lands the Roman governor Varus… accompanied by Arminius, son of a Germain king. Despite his “barbarian” origins, the latter was educated in Rome. However, his blood is just a turn when he attends Roman abuses on his former people. Revolved, Arminius decides to join the ranks of the Germains and organizes the resistance to punish the Roman army. At present, only one season is exit. The second is expected for the end 2022.

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Inspired by the horror manga The Kingdom of the Gods, the soberly titled Kingdom is released in 2019 and consists of 2 seasons. This is the first collaboration between Netflix and South Korea. At first, we could easily believe in a series of banal power games. Far from there ! The more time passes and the more the story reveals a mysterious invasion… of zombies. During the Joseon period, rumors circulate on the health of the king. It would have a strange disease. Prince Chang then decides to clear this case. He will quickly discover that an epidemic spreads in the Kingdom. Mixing the best of the genus Zombie and historical frescoes, Kingdom will captivate you and surprise you.

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The Vikings, it is class, but sometimes you have to know how to change historical period. This is the bet of KnightFall **, a series that currently has 2 seasons. No more Scandinavian warriors and “preux” Templars. The series takes place 15 years after the expulsion of the Knights of the Order of the Temple of Holy Land. Despite this defeat, they find refuge in France, with an immense fortune that gives them access to the court of King Philip IV. However, these riches attract Guillaume de Nogaret’s attention, well decided to bring down the order he deems too powerful. In parallel, the Templars are trying to recover the Holy Grail lost during their ultimate battle in the East, a few years earlier. Between plots, dramas and a fantastic pinch, Knightfall manages to refresh the genre.


Marco Polo

Let’s go away from the distant Asia with Marco Polo , a series exit in 2014 and currently counting 2 seasons. Little warning before getting into the heart of the subject. This series is inspired by historical facts, but takes some freedoms with the “reality”. Marco Polo is a work of fiction above all. We follow the adventures of the famous merchant and explorer, become servant of Grand Kubilai Khan after a long journey on the Silk Road. The Mongolian War Lord seeks in his troubles disturbed to conquer the southern China led by the Song Dynasty. The Venetian discovers a world where greed, plots and rivalries dominate. Marco Polo must then redouble ingenuity to deserve his place to the side of the Grand Conqueror of the East. A third season was planned, but it was canceled for lack of means to produce it.

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The Last Kingdom On Set MISTAKES Fans Noticed!


Norsemen is a series on many more relaxed viking than that produced by History Channel. Started on Netflix in 2017, Norsmen prefers to turn to humor with incisive dialogues. The series tells the daily life of a group of Vikings and their village around the year 790. Their life is far from quiet. Between the conflicts with neighboring tribes and those with other Scandinavians, our protagonists have to deal with several size problems. Norsemen cuts into 3 seasons, and we should not expect a fourth, because Netflix has chosen not to renew the series. If you like Vikings and Kaamelott, Norsemen is for you.

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The Witcher

The WITCHER series is based on the eponymous novels written by Andrzej Sapkowski. This adaptation began in 2019 with Henry Cavill in the role of the RIV Geralt Witch. Rich currently 2 seasons, The Witcher wears the story of three characters: Geralt, the Yennefer witch of Vengerberg and finally Cirilla Aka Ciri, the princess of Cintra. The first season takes place with three different epochs which involves several jumps in time. This may seem difficult to follow at first at first until the moment we understand that these characters are intended to meet. The first episodes are mainly used to dive the audience in this universe where the danger is omnipresent and enrich the three main characters. Season 2 introduces the main challenges of history. A third season and even a spin-off series (Blood Origin) are already planned by Netflix.



Of all these series, Vikings is certainly the one that has met the most success. Released in 2013, this staging of the Viking era takes place in Scandinavia at the end of the fresh century. The young Warrior Ragnar Lodbrok is tired of his life of massacre and looting in the Eastern lands. After having had a vision of the God’s God, he decides to explore the western of the world by the sea. His Clan Haraldson is clearly opposed to it, not believing in the Western lands. Ragnar makes the choice to disobey and go to the unknown with the help of his men and a new type of boat. These vessels are lighter, fast and better adapted to navigation on the high seas. The VIKINGS series extends over 6 seasons for a total of 89 episodes.

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VIKINGS: Vahllalah

Vikings: Valhalla is both a spin-off and the suite of Vikings. Following 100 years after the adventures of Ragnar Lodbrok and its conquest of the West, the series is interested in the British land and staged famous Nordic warriors having marked the story with a large h… Leif Erikson and Harald Hardrada in the lead. Considering the people of the North Dangerous, the English King Aethelred II orders their massacre. The different Viking peoples then decide to unite by creating a great army to invade England and avenge their brothers and sisters. The first season has been available since February 2022. A second is in preparation.

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Really Deg for Norsemen, really very funny as a series…

I realize it too much, that even on Neteflix they cancel the series as for those on TV, they should provide a final episode, just to make an end, one can like they did with Sense 8

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