At Gamestop you can snap the Next Gen Power of the Xbox Series S for a hammer price. For this you only have to exchange an old Xbox, PlayStation or Switch – but you have to be fast, because the offer is no longer a valid.

_Update from April 13 2022: _

The exchange action at Gamestop runs only until tomorrow, April 14 . So you will not stay much time to secure the Xbox Series S to the best price. You can secure the Next-Gen console at the local dealer in the exchange against an Xbox One, PS4 or Nintendo Switch and for a less surcharge depending on the console – from 19.99 euros. All important information can be found here in the article.

_Original report from 8 April 2022: _

Gamestop has started a new exchange action shortly before Easter, with which you are a Xbox Series S for the absolute lowest price . To benefit from the deal, you only have to bring your old console into one of the stores and can grab Microsoft’s Next-Gen Console for a small extra charge.

XBox Series S: Exchange action at Gamestop

At Gamestop you can now snap an Xbox Series S for a mini extra charge if your old, functional console exchanges for it. For the Series S you can bring your Xbox One to one of the Gamestop stores – but also with a PS4 or a Nintendo Switch you can do the exchange. Depending on which console will bring you, changes the respective extra charge , which is still payable. If you exchanges a PS4 Pro, you can take the Series S to the absolute top price of only 19.99 euros. The action is valid until 5 May.

Here are a few examples of exchange possibilities for the Xbox Series S at Gamestop :


  • Xbox One S (500 GB) + 99.99 Euro
  • Xbox One X (1 TB) + 49,99 Euro
  • PlayStation 4 (500 GB) + 89,99 Euro
  • PlayStation 4 Pro (1 TB) + 19,99 Euro
  • Nintendo Switch + 49,99 Euro
  • Nintendo Switch Lite + 109,99 Euro

In addition to the console, your must also be given the original accessory during the exchange – These include controllers, the power cord / power supply and an HDMI cable. According to the promotion description, Gamestop also accepts cable from third-party manufacturers. If a headset was part of the then delivery, but you do not have to submit that. Gamestop also mentions that the acceptance of consoles can also be denied in the stores if it is in too bad condition.

Originally, the Xbox Series S was offered outdoor for 299.99 euros – currently the console sometimes exists from 270 euros. So if you upgrade your old Xbox to a newer version, buy a second console or maybe have a used PS4 or Nintendo Switch at home, who only accumulate dust anyway, then the Gamestop deal offers you a great exchange Possibility – and you can save more than 200 euros with the action.

__Hier’s the offer at Gamestop!

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate | 3 months | Xbox – Download Code

From 38,99 € at Amazon

The price may be higher now. Price from 13.04.2022 21:53 clock

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