A few years ago, MISTS OF PANDARIA had radically changed the customization of the characters. If it made it possible to go to the essential for new players, many regretted this choice. With the arrival of DragonFlight, the talent trees are returning to a little more worked format. We are talking about a time that less than twenty years can not know.

talents thought to last beyond DragonFlight

If this may seem surprising to make rear machine after 10 years, the lens of talent trees is to last over time. Like the first years of the game, it’s about advancing the player through extensions. Thus, its progress will be saved, with new points to unlock and new capabilities that will be added.

But this is not the only goal of talents in DragonFlight. The customization of his character has been lost as extensions, to focus on over-optimization. With these trees, the goal is to let players more free, to trace his own road. This will, however, have its limits, because the competitive players will, for the most part, have the same term talents.

Talent Tree System Revamp and User Interface Updates | World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Talent trees, how does it work?

Overall, over the progress of a player, the latter unlocks talent points. These points can be spent in several trees, one by specialization. Currently under development, it seems that each tree is divided into two categories. The first, related to the class, offering general effects and bonuses, while the second is more specialized in a discipline. To specialize in a discipline is therefore more rewarding for the player.

In this example, there is the addition of a backup option, which makes it easier to switch from one specialization to another, or one configuration to another. It is thus possible to prepare trees of talent, and to change it whenever we seem. Mias You can also see different talent designs. Square are active capabilities, while rounds are liabilities.

This is what we know for the moment of talent trees at DrangLight, and their goal over the extension. But many other aspects of the game will be entitled to retouching, in order to offer a more enjoyable experience.