If the FIFA 22 cover image last week led the team of the week, the new combined brings back and through the large door to a historic Ultimate Team and EA Sports: Cristiano Ronaldo premieres new letter in form. And he is not the only superstar that sneaks into the fut22 envelopes.

The totw 31 of FUT 22 is one of the most balanced and powerful of the season. CR7, The Bicho, leads the remittance of new letters, but it is not the only joy that the selection of each Wednesday has given us: a haaland of 89 as a trident tip of the strikers or that carvajal merengue that custody the defense are key pieces that fit into any team.

As every Wednesday, at LIFEOXTRA We have gathered all the letters of the initial eleven of the week ** and, already posts, we have detailed you each of its attribute details. Below, in addition, you will find the rating and characteristics of the substitutes and reservations.

These eleven cards plus 12 alternates of team of week 31 are obtained through the envelopes of .32 , although you can always bid from the transfer market for which you most interest you.

Without further delay, all the letters of the team of the week 31 and, just a little bit below, the reservoirs cards and reservations.

MARTINEZ (DC) Totw, with rating of 88

haaland (DC) Totw, with rating of 89

C. Ronaldo (DC) Totw, with rating of 93

Goodwin (MI) Totw, with rating of 84

Torreira (MC) Totw, with rating of 83

KIMMICH (MCD) Totw, with rating of 92

Bruno Guimaraes (MC) Totw, with assessment of 82


KALULU (LD) Totw, with rating of 84

Carvajal (Li) Totw, with assessment of 86

TROSSARD (CAI) Totw, with assessment of 81

Ledesma (for) Totw, with assessment of 86

All the letters of the team of the week 31 including substitutes and reservations