The Closing Shift is a horror game about a girl who works in the last shift in Chilla’s Coffee Coffee. The game passes within five days and follows the main procedures that can be expected from working with clients and preparation of orders. However, as night is delayed, everything becomes even more sinister, and the atmosphere becomes more terrifying.

After five days, you can experience one of the three endings that will determine your destiny.

Immediate death

In this end, you encounter a stalker, which is waiting for you outside the coffee shop. You run away through the door of the pantry and immediately fall into captivity.

hidden escape

The hidden escape is possible only if you get a screwdriver from a terrible rear room and use it to open the air conditioner ventilation opening in the bathroom. After that, you can escape through the vent hole to be beyond the passage zone of the store. The car’s keys will be convenient to lie on the floor so that you can pick them up and run away to your car on the nearest parking lot. Catch? Stalker is waiting for you in the back seat.

Home safe

To get this ending, you need to climb the stairs into a terrible back room and climb the roof. From there, you grab off for the slag block, take it to where the stalker stands downstairs, and throw it on it. A short dialog will appear with a detailed description of how you go to the police after killing a person only to find out that this person is no longer when you all return soon after that.

Police will ask you to return to your apartment where you watch TV to pass time. Your mobile phone will call that it will encourage you to seek it only to find out that you left it on the floor next to the car after searching in your apartment building.

Returning to the apartment and typing the owner of the apartment, you see how the stalker gets out of Chulana, having time to log in while you were not.

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