Both with Amazon as well as MediaMarkt and Saturn you can get Elex 2 in the PS4 version for only 29.99 euros in the special offer. The role -playing game from Germany only appeared at the beginning of March with a RRP of 59.99 euros. The fact that it is already being offered so cheap suggests that the publication date did not affect the sales figures a few days after Elden Ring. Here you will find the deal:

* Elex 2 (PS4) for € 29.99 at Amazon

Outcast 2 - A New Beginning - Better than ELEX 2? (Open World RPG)
Elex 2 (PS4) for € 29.99 at MediaMarkt *
Elex 2 (PS4) for € 29.99 at Saturn *

Incidentally, the PS5 version is available at MediaMarkt and Saturn for 37.99 euros. Since the PS4 version contains a free upgrade to the PS5 version, there is little reason to buy the more expensive version. For Xbox One and Xbox Series, Elex 2 also costs 37.99 euros.

Elex 2 (Xbox Series & One) for € 37.99 at MediaMarkt *
Elex 2 (Xbox Series & One) for € 37.99 at Saturn *

How good is Elex 2?

weaknesses like in the predecessor: The open world-world role-playing game Elex 2, which comes from Piranha bytes (Gothic, Risen), is essentially a larger and a little nicer version of its predecessor with the known strengths and weaknesses. Technically, Elex 2 also lags behind the competition, which not only concerns graphics and staging, but also the somewhat hooky control, the weak hit feedback and the not always faultless collision query.

Elex 2 (PS4) for € 29.99 at Amazon

Strong game world: Elex 2 also has a lot of advantages. First of all, the big and well -designed game world, which is full of sights and surprises, is. The unusual mix of fantasy, science fiction and post -apocalypse also ensures that the world of Elex 2 looks beneficial than many other role -playing worlds. With the jetpack, we also have the opportunity to freely explore this Open World and avoid overpowering opponents and frustrating fights if necessary. In general, Elex 2 provides a lot of freedom to experiment with various playing methods.

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