Overwatch 2 officially launched its first beta version, and there are many questions around it. Many players are trying to understand how many things have to be done in beta versions, while others wonder how close it will be to the final version of the game. Beta tests are a bit difficult to decipher, so it is difficult to understand what will enter and what is not in the final product.

Beta testing Overwatch 2 is designed to check how the game works on a real server and get players’ reviews about aspects of the gameplay. Here is a list of things that can change between two.

Styles of the game of characters: * Including the time of recovery, movement, speed of attack and health.
Features of the map: Including assets, routes and shelters.
Features of the game: including prey, modes and a general interface.

Keep in mind that not all modes can be played in beta versions, as in competitive mode. You will also notice that there are no multi-user functions such as support in beta versions.

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It is impossible to find out what functions will change and which will remain the same, since the choice, ultimately, remains for developer . One way to track possible changes is to observe Pages of the community to understand what parts of the game other players like and what they hate.

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