The Overwatch series finally receives a beta version for his second game, but much still stays in the air. Since many players are still trying to understand how to get into the beta version, now everything is a bit confusing. If you manage to enter whether the data will be transferred to the full game, and how much should you be invested?

No , Your date will not be transferred from the Beta version of Overwatch 2 in the full version of the game. This is due to the fact that many changes will take place between beta testing and official running overwatch 2. Between the beta tests themselves are almost guaranteed to be some overbalance and changing characters.


However, it should not be too surprising, because the original Overwatch beta tests followed the same formula, and the players could not save their data. This beta version is more aimed at collecting reviews about characters, and although this is a kind of demonstration, it is not a final presentation of the game.

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