In the series of _ Marvel _ or _ dc _ there is always a start and an end, although unfortunately cases arise in which the works remain unfinished due to abrupt cancellations that disappoint fans. This is the case of the series of _ Batwoman _ , which after three satisfactory seasons, has been completed by its own television network _ The CW _ .

That was announced by the Showrunner _ Caroline Dries _ , describing that she leaves her heart not to be able to continue with a fourth season, but that she is quite proud to have elaborated 51 episodes. Similarly, she thanked everyone who made the program, producers, maintenance, cast and the public she enjoyed.

Here the full message of _ Caroline Dries _ :

I just received the sad news that Batwoman will not see a T4. I am discouraged, but full of gratitude. What honor to do 51 episodes. Many inspiring and brilliant people contributed to this series. Thanks producers, cast and equipment. Thank you, fans! We love.

In related series, cinema and TV news, it was recently commented that some Asia countries are vetoing the movie of _ uncharted _ for a particular reason. You can read the complete information on the link we leave below.

Batwoman Is CANCELLED | CW Finally Pulls The Plug On Woke DC Series After PATHETIC Ratings

Editor’s note: Since Ruby Rose left the series in the first season some fans of her no longer saw her future, and now with this decision you could say that she had the reason in some way. However, it is sad to leave projects without ending in the entertainment world.

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