Is gaming a sheer escape from reality or a hobby among others?

This question is Nikon , Jonathan and ** to think about our beloved game hobby a little more deeply. What type of games will you ever get bored? Which genres would combine best? And what are the most important people in the editorial staff when they are getting a new game? Among other things, these questions are promising answers.

6 Steps From Average to Extraordinary - Jack Canfield | Success Motivation

In addition, as usual, a media corber, which goes through recent play and watching.

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This episode was recorded on April 27, 2022.

  • Initial Song: Casual
  • Break Bell: _ ERTHELE_ Theme
  • Final song: old lion

All music by: Tomi Ruuska

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Time stamps:

0:00:33 Initial greeting and news
0:04:50 What has come to play/watched/listened to?

0:49:50 Tempo to – coffee and buns

0:50:45 The world of gaming – is it escape from everyday life or just a hobby among others?
1:40:30 Audience Cartridges
1:51:40 Outro