On April 28, the domestic indie game developer Nagi released the α version of “ Maidsouls ” for PCs. You can download it from his Google Drive. In the α version, a characteristic graphic consisting of white and black can be confirmed from the content under development.

“MAIDSOULS” is an action game developed by Nagi that explores the black -and -white world. The protagonist is a maid. At the time of writing the article, no information about the story, such as the world view or the hero’s identity, has been revealed. Players explore the mysterious structures represented by monochrome while fighting the enemy. As an action, weak attacks and strong attacks using the right hand sword, gun attacks, rolling, guards, and jumping. Stamina gauge is also available, and a system near the “Dark Soul” series is adopted. In the past, he has tweeted, “I’m not very good at action games, so don’t expect a battle. I want to do my best to explore (elements) instead.” It seems to be being advanced.

The α version released this time is a version under development that contains characteristic backgrounds and basic operations. As I said earlier, the sound is not implemented in this α version except for some movements. In addition, various actions are prepared for the maid, and although it can be actually moved, the enemy’s operation is simple. The action is still developing, such as the ability to jump in the air. In the α version, the purpose is to confirm the atmosphere and movement.

However, as you can see from screenshots and videos, this work already has a distinctive world. Monochrome graphics can also be switched to line drawing style. When the piping and steel frames fell out of the bare giant structures, a building like a medieval castle awaited below. I would like to expect the story and exploration that will be developed in this work.

This work is being developed by indie game developer Nagi in Japan. UNREAL ENGINE 4, a game engine, is used for development. He has published development progress on Twitter, so if you are worried about this work, you may want to look at his Twitter.

The α version of “MAIDSOULS” is available for PCs.