The Xbox Series X plans to go out a little later this year. There is no exact date, but most people reasonably suspect that we will see the last Microsoft console in November or December. Just in time for Christmas. Of course, the coronavirus could force a kind of delay, but in the current state of things, nothing has changed. The Xbox Series X has surprised many people in the game industry, even those that have been schemes from Microsft. The console specifications were published a few weeks ago and they seem to be peer or even exceed what PlayStation has proposed. Most of a big surprise. While the Xbox Series X will introduce a lot of new things for Xbox fans, there could be some features that will be very familiar to them. Namely the dashboard.

Единственный минус Xbox Series X при покупке на старте | Дашборд нового Xbox

More information on the Xbox Series X interface has surfaced and it seems that the new generation console will borrow the dashboard used on the Xbox One. Although the interface we will see on the Xbox Series X is not identical, it will be very similar. Something that fans may not be too satisfied. There is nothing wrong with the Xbox One edge board, however, offering nothing new to fans will only be lazy.

Keep in mind that the interface could change radically after launch thanks to updates. This was the case for the Xbox 360 edge board. The difference in appearance from 2005 to 2013 was amazing and seemed really impressing its users.

Tell us what you think. Would you agree if the Xbox Series X does not change its dashboard?