Dread Hunger’s gameplay caught your attention, and you’re thinking about starting to play it, or if you’ve just arrived and you’re still a hard-to-win beginner, don’t worry; check out our essential tips and tricks and survival and crafting entry to understand the basic mechanics and the most important ones. We tell you how to repair a ship, destroy an iceberg, or how cannibalism works.

When you better understand how this particular video game works, you’ll be ready to take action, but first, it’s sure to be great for you to know the best strategy for each side:
Explorers: They can team up to 6 players and are tasked with pushing the ship to the high seas.
Theme: They are a pair of players who must manipulate, sabotage, assassinate, and poison, all to make the expedition fail in time.

Characters and Classes
Fear Hunger allows us to choose our character at the start of the game, but the game has up to 8 different classes, making things more interesting. Of course, each class offers a more defined playstyle with passive advantages, starting items, and more details.
If you want to dig into the characteristics of these characters, you can find them all below:
Captain: The person responsible for steering the ship and serving as the captain.
Priest – Natural predators, great for finding materials.
Ship’s Cook – Food experts who provide food for the crew.
Doctor – A therapist who can make yourself and others live longer.
Engineer – Great for crafting items and loading coal.
Hunter – Archer who specializes in traps.
Royal Navy – A role dedicated to long-range offense.
Navigator – Agile Scout to quickly scout the terrain.

Dread Hunger’s weapons are diverse and relevant enough to warrant a dedicated section in our guide. We recommend that you thoroughly understand the weapons available for any character before embarking on an expedition. Some are shooting and using ammo, and some are melee combat… We’ll show you how to get them and their properties to know which is the best.
Flintlock – A slow-fire weapon suitable for close-quarters use.
Musket – A long gun, lethal even at a distance.
Bow – A fast-firing long-range weapon with good range and speed.
Steak Knife – A long knife for cutting meat.
Saber – A rare and deadly officer’s sword.
Shovel – A simple shovel for digging up items or hitting enemies.
Wooden Axe – A sturdy lumberjack’s axe.
Ice Axe – A pickaxe that allows climbing ice walls.
Bear Trap – Spring trap that immobilizes anyone who steps on it.

Materials and Resources
In a survival game like Dread and Hunger, another fundamental aspect is knowing the list of materials and resources obtained in the game. In this sense, the titles related to us provide a diverse compendium full of various projects. We’ll show you them and explain how they’re obtained or what they’re used for; you’ll find them divided into four categories:
Resources and Materials: These are often used for detailed descriptions of other projects.
Sorcery – Two special items from the subdued side.
Consumables: Items primarily used to restore health.
Team Tools – Useful items for surviving or doing something.

Creatures and animals
Fear Hunger also features wild animals; hostile creatures and animals can be riskier in the game and even something to consider when hunting them and getting certain beneficial materials. So that you can consult its details and characteristics, we present it to you in this dedicated entry.
Arctic hare
Polar bear

Common problem
Many Fear Hunger players are sure to ask themselves some common questions when first entering this adventure. In this part of the guide, we will dispose of them so they don’t end up in the ink bottle, and all doubts will be answered.
How to Get Coal: The most crucial fuel resource for making ships move.
How to Increase Inventory: We explain how to create bags that can transport more items.
Private Matches and Invite Friends – Steps to building custom matches with your friends.
Armory Code – Learn how to get the number to open the ship’s armory door and what’s inside.
How to get the key: We show you how to get the master key and captain key.
How to Climb an Ice Wall – Learn how to craft an ice axe to reach special areas.
How to create a campfire: You need to place and light them.