The PS5 and Xbox Series X are still not available for gamers, but Microsoft, Sony and AMD can already work on the following consolation generation. A first indication of this can be found in a new job advertisement by the chip manufacturer AMD.

AMD is looking for new chip experts

Even if the PS5 and Xbox Series devices are now on the market for almost one and a half years-the console crisis is far from over. Sony in particular is currently fighting with inadequate PS5 production capacities -but the Xbox Series X is still not easily available in online retail.

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But do the two companies secretly work together with AMD at the next generation of consoles? A job offer at the chip manufacturer AMD provides speculation. The manufacturer of the console processor is currently looking for a “System-on-Chip Verification Engineer” , which will be particularly active in quality assurance.

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In the job description there is a particularly interesting paragraph:

“The team behind the chip, the Xbox, PlayStation and the latest graphics chip of the RDNA family drives for its location Markham in Canada for the next generation chip development project !”

(Source: LinkedIn – AMD Jobs)

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AMD, Microsoft and Sony are already working on new console chips?

A waterproof hint is not the wording of the job advertisement, but it is quite possible that AMD is already working on new console processors in cooperation with Microsoft and Sony. After all, the conception and subsequent production of the hardware takes a lot of time.

However, it is also possible that it is not chips for a completely new generation of consoles, but processors for the improved models of the current generation . Sony and Microsoft have already done this intermediate step with the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X.

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Also cannot be ruled out that the company refers to SOCs in other areas – for example for smartphones or laptops. After all, AMD worked on a cell phone chip in cooperation with Samsung in cooperation with Samsung and contributed the graphics unit there.

The only way to find out: Apply for the vacancy and like to give us an anonymous hint if you are taken.