Today, SEGA has published its financial results for the financial year, which ended on March 31, 2022. The company announced the improvement of sales and operating profits, noting a significant restoration of the Pacular, Pachinko business and entertainment automatic machines. At the same time, Entertainment Contents (which specializes in games) showed good results.

Considering the forecast for the current financial year, which will end in March 2023, the Sega expects a further growth in sales and profit in all areas of activity. If we talk specifically about games, the company plans to “a significant increase in the number of new games” amid the growth of repeated sales due to the large number of new games released in the last financial year. As for the Free-to-Play Games, SEGA plans to improve the work of existing games and draw up a schedule for the release of new ones.

It is interesting that the company has defined the consumer direction in the business of entertainment content (mainly games for consoles and PC) as “the most important area of growth in the future.” As a result, they intend to actively invest in expanding the revenues from global games, given the “expected expansion of the global game market.”

Until the end of the 2026 financial year, SEGA plans to invest 100 billion yen (about 775 million dollars). In the current financial year, SEGA plans to release 13 games simultaneously around the world and on different platforms. Of these, we already know Sonic Frontiers, Soul Hackers 2, Sonic Origins, Two Point Campus and 13 Sentinels: AEGIS RIM for Switch. They expect these games to be dispersed of about 13 million copies.

SEGA COMING WITH NEW REMAKES & REMASTERS! (SEGA Financials, Sonic Thriving, New Games & MORE)
The company plans to work on methods of extending the life cycle of products, including remakes and remasters, spin-offs and games that will change the theme of the franchise. It is not reported how many games will fall into this category, but it is predicted that 5 million units will be sold in total. It is worth noting that these games are included in 13 games mentioned above.