After eight years of occupying the last positions in sales, Xbox finally managed to overcome PlayStation in Japan during the last week. According to data provided by Famitsu, ElSeries S sold more units than the PS5 in the last seven days.

As the Japanese media, the Xbox Series S, points out, and only this model, managed to sell 6,120 consoles between May 9 and 15, 2022. In comparison, combined sales of PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition only managed to move 2,693 units.

This is a fairly unique situation in Japan. Last week, the PS5 family managed to move 49,798 consoles, while the Xbox Series S barely reached 10 thousand . This means that the shortage of units is constantly fluctuating the sales of these two companies. The only one that seems not to suffer is Nintendo, who always reaches first place in this section.

Although in the first instance selling just over six thousand units might seem little, remember that Xbox is not so popular in Japan. Over 20 years, since the launch of the first Microsoft console, only 2.3 million Xbox consoles have been sold in this territory . In comparison, the PS5 currently has 1.5 million in this region, while the switch and its various models exceed 20 million units.

By the beginning of March 2022, the original Xbox managed to sell 472,992 consoles. The Xbox 360 reached 1,616,128 units. On the other hand, the Xbox One barely reached 114,831. Finally, the Xbox Series X | s currently has 142,024 in Japan. Although this is clearly a result of the component and production crisis that is lived worldwide, Microsoft has achieved a good position thanks to the fact that they have managed to put consoles in stores .

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Editor’s note:

XBOX SERIES S is Better than PS5!

It is clear that the great winner of this generation, at least during his early years, will be dictated by the number of consoles that are available in stores. Although the PlayStation 5 had a great start, Xbox has begun to overcome its competitor in various markets, and all thanks to the availability of the Xbox Series S.